Shapewear and Lingerie Guide to Get a Perfect Shape in Party Dresses

Well, who doesn’t want to flaunt a perfectly shaped figure in an elegant looking dress, while attending a party with tonnes of friends? The answer would be, Everyone!!! There is nothing wrong to do something extra that will help you feel the best, beautiful, confident, and charming. So, if you’ve chosen a sparkling, elegant dress to wore in a party, then you’ll want your body to look in perfect shape, without any bulges or bumps. Well, wearing a body shaper is certainly not a must for good dressing, but yes if you don’t feel as firm as you want to look than a bodysuit can help you boost your confidence, and you’ll surely feel beautiful in your chosen dress. A good body shaper will act as helping hand to make your figure look super sleek, curvy and your party dress will do the rest.


Let’s have a look at various Body Shapers and Lingerie styles that are available in the market:

Arm Shapers
If you think that the shapewear is only designed to flatten your tummy, highlight your booty, or lift your bums, then it wouldn’t be right. Well, what about that time when you’re wearing a beautiful top that has to have tight sleeves, and you want to give sleek and smooth shape of your upper arm. Here you go with an arm shaper. Arm Shapers are perfectly designed to give proper posture to your upper body from back to shoulder and then to arms. It supports your back and stretches through your shoulders thus giving you a natural composure and making your arm easy to uncurl. Arm Shaper is a must if you’re going to wear tight sleeve dress on a party.

Body Briefers (Corselettes)
Body Briefers are something that every girl have or should have in her wardrobe. Corselettes give a sleek profile to the body and create the perfect silhouette. A stocking clip is also attached with most of the corselettes to keep them in their place. When wearing under a skirt or a dress, body briefers enhance the shape of upper body parts and hipline.

Waist Cinchers (Waspie)
Waist cinchers give you an hourglass figure with the help of a clenching waistband. It is highly desirable and popular among women of every age, as it provides women with a smooth tummy and curved waist while supporting the back. Thus you’ll get more defined and perfect figure. Waist Cinchers reduce your waist to approximately 3 inches. If you’re wearing a strapless gown, with a tight waist and flared bottom, and want to make your stomach look flat and waist tight, waist cinchers are the best choice. With this body shapers along with a shaping short, your body shape will look stunning in your dress.

Shaping Slips/ Slimming Slips
Shaping or slimming slip precisely define your curves, shaping your body as ideal body controlling dress. Your dress can’t go wrong while having this slips hugging your curves. A good shaper enhances your curves, make your body look sleek, smooth and in perfect profile. The professionally fitted shaping slips surely do that all. Shaping Slips covers your upper body tightly with firm support, giving your waist and hip line a perfect shape and posture. If you can wear a push-up bra along with slimming slip under your party dress and you are ready to go.

Camisole Shapers
Camisole Shapers flatten your stomach, best to wear under dresses that have fitted upper body and flared downwards. These also go perfectly well with a pair of jeans, tights or a skirt. Camisoles are extremely comfortable as compared to other long full body shaping undergarments.

Control Briefs
If you’re getting familiar with shapewear for the first time, then control briefs must be your first choice. Boy shorts along with control briefs are extremely comfortable, light, and give round shape to your bums while creating a perfect derriere. Control briefs are available in various styles and quality, as many of the briefs also provide light support to stomach area and give a bit slimming effect to the thighs. These are favourites to comfortably spend a whole day or night long, partying with friends. Control briefs go perfectly well, whether you’re going out and getting ready with just a pair of tight jeans and top, or having a fun party in the town. Control briefs go perfectly well for every kind of party dresses, without any hustle or an extra effort.

Longline bras

Longline bras include a whole variety of differently stylised bras, ranging from everyday use bras to special bridal lingerie. The major quality of the longline bras is their extension to the waist or down to the hips, giving the whole body a perfect curvature and support. Most longline bras give shape to the waist too. Longline bras are best to wear under long dresses especially gowns, as these bras provide a smooth underlining and shape to your dress and outshine your body shape. If you’ve chosen a strapless gown with a tight waist and flared then, longline bras will gorgeously enhance and elegantly shape up your body.

Push-up Bras

Push-up bras help to lift up your breast and give upward support. These bras are most popular among women with a smaller size, and it seems that every woman like it. No matter what is the style of your party dress, push-up bras will enhance your shape.

Shaping Shorts
A slim-fitting skirt demands smooth thighs and shaped legs to look perfect, and for that purpose, shaping shorts are best. Shaping shorts are available in different sizes, depending on your need or style of your party dress. You can go with shaping pants (long), mid-thigh shapers or the shaping shorts. Shaping Bodysuits help to lift up your bum, smooth your thighs and shape up your legs. Better get some cool stuff to wear as you don’t want to get all hot in a party.

Booty Lifter
Booty Lifters are the ultimate hit, as these lifters shape up your butts in perfect posture. Whether you’re wearing a long tight dress or a flared skirt, booty lifters let you flaunt your body shape flawlessly.